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Equipment News    20th Nov, 2020 by ukclubgolfer.co.uk

Could this 3D printed Cobra putter change the way golf clubs are made?

Over the past two years Cobra has been working with HP and Parmatech to create a first of its kind, limited edition 3D printed putter that could pave the way for 3D printing becoming the norm in golf club design.

3D printing is a technology that I’m sure most of you are well aware of by now, but never before in golf have we seen it used to this extent.

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In addition to the 3D printed design, the KING Supersport-35 putter features a face insert designed in partnership with SIK Golf, a name you might be familiar with as SIK is Bryson DeChambeau’s putter brand of choice.

Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter 3

Golf club design and innovation relies upon effective prototyping and reinvention processes. Cobra believes that this new putter represents a revolutionary advancement in the way golf clubs are designed and manufactured.

Cobra selected HP as its partner to pioneer 3D printing in golf due to the advantages that their Metal Jet Technology presented over traditional manufacturing and other 3D printing methods. 

With its quicker processing time, and greater design adaptability, Cobra’s engineers were able to design, prototype, and test multiple iterations and bring the product to market much faster than traditional manufacturing methods.

Cobra and HP began working together in early 2019 and, by early 2020, the team had created thirty-five different design iterations over the course of eight months, showcasing the design freedom and speed of product innovation available by utilising HP Metal Jet.

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“To continue innovating and transforming the way equipment is manufactured, we worked with HP and Parmatech to take advantage of the benefits of Metal Jet technology,” said Jose Miraflor, Vice President of Marketing, Cobra Golf.

He continued, “during the development of the KING Supersport-35 Putter, we saw immediate benefits from this process, including design freedom, rapid design iteration, and high-quality parts that meet our economic demands. 3D printing is accelerating design innovation, and this breakthrough putter will help usher in a new era for the sporting equipment industry at large.”

Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter 4

Now for some more details on the putter itself.


The Supersport putter comes in an oversized blade shape that features a fully 3D printed metal body with an intricate lattice structure to optimise weight distribution and deliver incredibly MOI for a blade shape.

Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter 2

It also features SIK Golf’s Patented Descending Loft technology that has been re-engineered into an aluminum face insert.

This insert design strategically saves weight from the front of the putter to be re-positioned heel-toe and tunes the feel to a slightly softer feel than a traditional all-steel SIK putter face.

Their signature face design utilises four descending lofts (4°, 3°, 2°, 1°) to ensure the most consistent launch conditions for every putting stroke.

Cobra King Supersport 35 Putter 5

Cobra claims that HP’s Metal Jet 3D printing delivers superior part quality and requires minimal post-process finishing.

The entire putter body is printed using 316 stainless steel, and then sintered at a high temperature to bind the metal and form the final head part.

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Due to the advanced capabilities of Metal Jet printing, engineers were able to print an intricate lattice structure within the body – a manufacturing feat that wouldn’t be possible using traditional casting or forging methods.

The lattice fine tunes feel and optimises the distribution of weight within the putter head to create high MOI without the need for additional fixed weights.



During the final step of the manufacturing process, the surfaces of the putter are precision milled using a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine to ensure precise shaping and detail while adding the finishing touches to the cosmetic. 

The final product could turn out to be beginning of a major revolution in golf club manufacturing and is bound to appeal to those of you seeking a classically shaped putter that boasts the most up-to-date of technologies.


Don’t think, however, that this putter is a just a one-off, proof of concept.

No, Cobra has plans to launch two additional products in 2021 that feature 3D printed technology so keep your eyes peeled for more 3D printed products in the future.

Available: Nov 20 (limited quantities)
Price: £349




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