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Create your perfect putter using the TaylorMade MyTP programme

TaylorMade is now giving you the option to create your very own, premium TP putter with the launch of this new platform. 

The TP line of putters is rooted in tradition, with classic shapes that offer clean lines, beautiful aesthetics and the performance demanded by purists. 

• TaylorMade TP Patina Putters – FIRST LOOK!

Now you can take one of these classic designs and give it a colourful, personalised twist.

Using the MyTP programme you will start by selecting either a Juno or Soto blade model, both with heel-toe weighting for optimised balance, control and feel. 

Taylor Made My Tp 2

The Juno features longer squared off contours with fine linear machined lines. 

The Soto retains short, rounded and soft edges for a smooth appearance at address and both heads feature two moveable weights in the sole to customise swing weight.

• TaylorMade Hi-Toe RAW wedges – FIRST LOOK!

With thousands of different combinations including model, colours, engraving and more, you can build a putter that’s as unique as your swing. 

In all, the company offers 11 separate areas of personalisation – not including length and grip – with a variety of colour options each step of the way.

The complete personalisation offerings are:

• Head Finish – Classic Silver or Jet Black

• Hosel – Juno; L Neck and Long Neck. Soto; Flow Neck and Long Neck

• Custom Engraving – Create a custom message with characters (4) on both the toe and heel bumpers. Choose from 12 different paint fills

• TaylorMade 2021 TP5 & TP5x – FIRST LOOK!

• Sight Line – Five different sight line options include no line, single line in cavity, dot on topline, single line on topline and double line in cavity with 12 different paint fills

• Face Insert – Nine different paint options for the Pure Roll™ insert with 45° grooves to encourage optimal forward roll

• TP Cavity Badge – The TP insignia on the back of the putter blade can be personalised with 10 different colour options

Taylor Made My Tp 3

• Cavity Screws – The weighted screws on the back of the putter blade can be personalised with 8 different colour options

• Sole Weights– Choose from 3 different finishes: Stainless Steel, Gun Metal and Copper

• WATCH – The best ever TaylorMade irons?

• TaylorMade Weight Logo – Embossed within the sole weights, the subtle • TaylorMade logo can be personalised with 12 different colour options

• Juno/Soto and TaylorMade Logos –The adjacent logos on the sole of the putter can be personalised with 12 different colour options

• Shaft Colour – Classic Chrome and Black

“More and more golfers want equipment that not only performs at a premium level on course, but speaks to who they are off it. The MyTP programme gives them the chance to do just that,” said Bill Price, Senior Director of Product Creation, Putter & Wedge.

He added: “We’re bringing an extensive level of personalisation to a traditional line of blade putters, delivering an ideal blend of the classic and the modern.”

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