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HONMA unveils ‘luxury’ BERES wedges

If its luxury you’re looking for when trying to get up-and-down then look no further than HONMA’s new BERES wedges for 2021.

The super-premium BERES Wedge comes in five loft versions and combines HONMA’s pure craftsmanship with the most premium materials available to deliver a supremely luxurious finish.


“The BERES Wedge completes the current BERES line-up and is a must try option for those golfers seeking something exceptional from their golf clubs,” said Tony Scott, Head of Marketing at HONMA Golf Europe. “

He added: “Through the use of the highest performing materials available, we are confident that the new BERES Wedge will be a popular addition to the bags of those golfers seeking the best wedge for their game.”

Honma Beres Wedges 2

In creating the BERES Wedge in Sakata, Japan, more than 100 Takumi (HONMA Master Craftsmen) apply expert club building techniques and incredible attention to detail in the quest of creating a product that delivers incredible short game performance.

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Options range from the exclusive steel shafted BERES Wedge, to the more luxurious 2 to 5-Star models that are graded on the technology and materials used in the hand-rolled ARMRQ shafts, plus gold & platinum embellishments in the club heads, ferrules and grips.

The design of the BERES Wedge – crafted using ultra-premium mild soft steel – features patented Dual-Plating to maximise spin control through ‘Slide’ and ‘Spin’ Zones.

Forming the ‘Slide Zone’, the sole incorporates Nickel-Chrome plating with a smooth camber, to ensure the club head seamlessly slides through the turf and sand.

In the ‘Spin Zone’, Proprietary Black Nickel plating on a CNC milled clubface produces maximum surface roughness for remarkable spin.

Two grind options deliver versatility that performs in varying turf conditions and for varying angles of attack into the ball.

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Now these wedges won’t be for everyone, but for the few who want a luxury, high-performing design then HONMA has you covered.

Available: Now
Prices: from £249




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