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Equipment News    6th Feb, 2020 by ukclubgolfer.co.uk

TaylorMade Tour Response & Soft Response – FIRST LOOK!

TaylorMade has just unveiled two new golf balls that have been designed for YOU!

The all new Tour Response and Soft Response are the result of TaylorMade’s efforts to design golf balls that will meet your needs.

The brand gathered insights and feedback from thousands of golfers to deliver the performance they want, at an affordable price.

Tm Tour Soft Response 2

Tour Response

Urethane covers are the standard for premium performance golf balls and Tour Response brings that same standard, and the technology found in TaylorMade TP5/TP5x, to the masses.

• TaylorMade TP5 pix – Rickie Fowler’s new golf ball

The 100% cast urethane cover allows your wedge grooves to better grip the ball for increased spin. This means more control when compared to ionomer products that are more commonly associated with golf balls in Tour Response’s price bracket.

TaylorMade also says that this advanced cover system offers greater durability, while its lower compression delives a softer feel.

Tm Tour Soft Response 5

It also utilises the same technology that powers the TP5/TP5x. The Speedmantle with HFMq produces fast ball speeds, as the firmer second layer surrounds the soft inner core and delivers an explosive transfer of energy.


Tour Response blends tour-quality materials with performance specifically engineered to benefit the everyday, club golfer.

Tm Tour Soft Response 6

“Urethane is simply the best performing cover material you can use on a golf ball. That’s why it’s found on 100% of the balls used on the PGA Tour. It’s that good,” said Eric Loper, TaylorMade Director of R&D, Golf Ball.

He continued, “we’re bringing that same innovation to our Tour Response line – essentially making a softer version of our TP5/TP5x that utilises multiple Tour technologies.”

Tm Tour Soft Response 4

Soft Response

If it is distance you are looking for then this is the TaylorMade golf ball for you.

Its specialised Extended Flight Dimple Pattern enhances distance.

• TaylorMade SIM irons – FIRST LOOK!

The shallow u-shaped dimples promote decreased drag and increased lift, ultimately allowing the ball to stay in the air longer at lower spin rates.

If struggle to keep the ball airborne and lack carry distance then you might want to check this one out for yourself.

Tm Tour Soft Response 5

A soft ionomer cover adds to the feel of Soft Response, but also achieves improved scuff resistance, shear resistance and overall durability.

With an ultra-low compression ZnO Flex Core (a compression of 35), Soft Response, as the name might suggest, is for golfers seeking extremely soft feel without sacrificing distance.

Also, lovers of coloured golf balls will be happy to hear that Tour Response will be offered in white and yellow, while Soft Response will be available in white, yellow and matte red.

Available: Now
Tour Response – £39.99, Soft Response – £24.99




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