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Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 hybrids – FIRST LOOK!

If you struggle to hit your long irons consistently, the new TSi2 and TSi3 hybrids could be the answer to your prayers.

Engineered for golfers seeking more reliable performance at the long end of the bag, these new hybrids offer two distinct looks and performance options, including improved adjustability, sound and feel.

They also complete the popular TSi metals line, complementing the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers and fairway metals, which have gained considerable momentum both on tour and in the marketplace since they launched late last year.

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The tremendously forgiving TSi2 is the ‘workhorse’ hybrid, maximising performance by providing high launch and easy distance for players with a sweeping delivery. The larger, classic profile is designed for players who prefer the look of a fairway metal.

The TSi3 hybrids, meanwhile, are distinctly different in looks, adjustability and performance from the TSi2.


Designed with a compact, squarer toe and very little face progression, the fast-launching TSi3 hybrids feature a similar SureFit CG Track Technology system as the new TSi3 fairway metals, giving the ability to manipulate adjustability towards the toe or heel.

Designed with direct feedback from Titleist tour staff, they offer mid-launch, precise distance, and iron-like control, particularly for players who hit down on the golf ball.

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Both models feature Carpenter 455 forged faces – the fastest hybrid faces Titleist has ever produced – as well as the brand’s patented SureFit hosel with 16 independent loft and lie settings, plus headweight adjustability to create a more consistent and optimised ball flight through precision fitting.

According to Titleist, it is this remarkable level of adjustability that makes the TSi hybrids stand out in a competitive field.


Josh Talge, the VP of Titleist Golf Club Marketing, said: “We all stress that golfers should be custom fit for drivers and irons, so why not hybrids? The golfer may need or want to increase or decrease loft, add a degree upright or make the club flatter.

“Those adjustability options are available with the new TSi hybrids and we think that, in combination with outstanding performance, sets these hybrids apart.”

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Titleist has been, by some distance, the most played hybrid on the PGA Tour since 2014 and, according to JJ Van Wezenbeeck, the Director of Player Promotion, nearly 60% of current players have their hybrid in a non-neutral setting.

“That is a really important statistic,” said Talge. “Given the significant number of players adjusting their hybrids at the highest level of the game, the need is even greater as you go down the pyramid.

“It is further proof we are improving the options and opportunities for all golfers – many of whom prefer or require hybrids – and helping them to play better and enjoy the game more.”

But wait – there’s more…


Titleist has also produced a TSi1 hybrid as part of the new, ultra-lightweight TSi1 metalwoods line-up unveiled today.

The larger profile, ‘wood-type’ TSi1 hybrid is engineered to deliver high launch and mid-spin, and features a 455 Carpenter Steel Forged Face.

It also has a deeper CG for high MOI and exceptional stability and speed across the face. In testing, moderate swing speed players preferred it, especially when they were able to generate more club speed and more distance.

Availability: March 15
Price: £245




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