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Scotland Golf Club News    4th Oct, 2019 by ukclubgolfer.co.uk

Driving Out Prostate Cancer At Local Golf Clubs

How Prostate Cancer UK is using golf to save men’s lives

In the UK, one man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes – that’s roughly one man for every three holes of golf. Recent studies have shown that it has become the most common cancer amongst men, with over 44,000 new cases being discovered every year. Prostate Cancer UK are aiming to reduce this alarming statistic.

“Unfortunately prostate cancer will be present in every golf club in the country,” Jack Michalitsianos, the community fundraising executive at Prostate Cancer UK, told UK Club Golfer.

“The statistics are actually pretty shocking. Men over the age of 50 are at a greater risk from prostate cancer and due to the usual demographic of a golf club, it means prostate cancer will be present in some capacity at almost all golf clubs.”

The demographic of golf club members is the exact reason that Prostate Cancer UK launched their golf programme, which aims to raise money to stop prostate cancer being a killer.

“Because prostate cancer exists in every golf club, we want Prostate Cancer UK to exist in every golf club. We want to alert men to the risk of prostate cancer and raise money to beat the disease.

“We work with many clubs in different ways. This year we will be looking at about 300 supporting us, so the growth is significant. We are continuing to engage more clubs and getting golfers coming back to support us year on year.”

On top of the golf days, which can range from fundraising competitions to single golfers playing their part, Prostate Cancer UK has joined forces with the PGA to engage club professionals across the country.

“The impact we are having is massive. Our programme is growing every year, this year we are set to raise over £900k which could fund a multi-year research project or our Specialist Nurses supporting men and their families for a year.

“The main impact you have is when you are at these golf days giving a speech and at the end, the amount of people who come up to you and say, ‘I had no idea about that’. People are always shocked but the positive is now they do know what the situation is. In just one golf day we can reach around 100 golfers and give them information they need.”

As a thank you to those who have aided Prostate Cancer UK over the past year through fundraising, the charity invite them to their golf championship finals held over September and October.

“The championships are once a year, regional events, and are ultimately a thank you to our fundraisers. If a golfer gets involved and raises over £500, they get an invite with a friend to attend our golf days.

“We are hosting our final days in Scotland, Belfast, The Midlands, the north and south of England. It proves how much we are growing as for the first time we are hosting events in Northern Ireland and Birmingham.”

Despite the excellent work being carried out by Prostate Cancer UK to date, the bar is continually set higher as they seek to continue to save lives on the golf course.

“To those who haven’t worked with us yet, I would say it’s a cause that should be close to every golf club and its membership. We provide great support for anyone interested in supporting us through golf. Prostate cancer kills one man every 45 minutes in the UK and we need everyone’s help to stop it.”

To join the fight against prostate cancer and raise money through golf visit prostatecanceruk.org/golf.




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