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How Scottish junior golf company GolPhin has harnessed modern technology to make golf child’s play for kids

It’s no secret that golf businesses across the world have been hugely impacted over the past year by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some, however, have made the most of a bad thing – and Ayrshire-based GolPhin is no exception.

As well as its award-winning junior clubs and schools golf education programme, GolPhin caught the eye both domestically and internationally with the introduction of the MyPathway2Golf app, which launched at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando in January 2020. The MP2G app offers an abundance of services and benefits which are instrumental in developing children’s golf skills as well as improving mindset, fitness, mindfulness and overall life skills. The program includes high quality instructional videos, skills challenges, on-course scoring, leaderboards and personalised profiles.

PGA professionals, coaches and volunteer coaches can also customise online course creation in the MP2G app to encourage practice and skill development. The communication process is also key to the success of the program.

Coaches can communicate directly with the children on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group, and coaches can assign the kids skills challenges and other tips to get fit and ready for golf. To ensure parental engagement, mum and dad are sent notifications of all communication between the coaches and the kids, which helps create engagement between the coach, the club and the entire family.

It also allows parents to track how their children are progressing by viewing leaderboards and see what stage the child is at as they progress through GolPhin’s six levels of progression. Progression levels begin at bronze and go all the way through to diamond. The children work their way through all the different programs under the guidance of their coach.

“It’s not a race”, says PGA professional Alan Tait, GolPhin’s UK & Ireland Managing Director. “The most important aspect is the kids are having fun, learning about golf and other life skills as they go through the different stages. We call the six levels our ‘Pyramid of Progression’. Some little superstars might get through all six levels in one summer. For other children, it might take them two to three years. It absolutely doesn’t matter how long it takes as it’s more a model to track the progression of the kids as they go through their golf development. This will depend on the time the coach can commit to the program, as well as the ability of the children”.

PGA professional James Erskine is head pro at Dumfries and County Golf Club and is one of the most respected coaches in the country. James signed up to GolPhin’s MP2G earlier this year and is excited about what it will bring to the club and also his own business.

“In 21 years of coaching, I have never seen as good a junior program such as this,” he said. “It’s world class and there’s simply nothing out there like it. It also gives me and my assistants a structure and a platform to work from which is invaluable. It brought a whole new wave of kids to the club ranging from four to 14 years of age. I can’t wait to get started again after this lengthy lockdown Covid-19 period. I’m convinced this will ultimately lead to increased junior memberships and parents wanting to join the club as well”.

Carnoustie professional Keir McNicoll has an incredible 260 children going through his junior programme, which also includes GolPhin’s MyPathway2Golf app.

“The programme allows me to have a structure, plus the kids and the parents can also see the child’s progress as they develop through all the different levels,” he said “The engagement and communication between the parents, the coach and the children is absolutely key to the success of the app. It’s also a fantastic way for me to recruit children to Carnoustie, and all importantly retain them.”

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