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Going back on the course? Lack of insurance could put thousands at risk

You never know what the next shot or hole could bring

GOLF IS NOW in full swing across the UK, which is fantastic news for golfers. However, a recent survey by Specialist Golf Insurer, Golf Care, has served up a warning for golfers not to be complacent when it comes to the risks they face on the course. Golf Care’s survey of 500 people who regularly played another sport before lockdown, found that 71% of nongolfers would consider taking up the sport in the coming weeks, but a worryingly low 24% would consider taking out insurance. The potential for injury on the course is already high, but when you factor in an influx of new golfers with poor techniques into the mix, the risk becomes even more significant.

Plus, it’s fair to say we’ll all be a bit a rusty after weeks away from the fairways, and there’s also the risk of increased footfall on the course. All that considered, it’s clear to see that specialist golf insurance should be important for golfers across the UK. Here’s why…


There have been countless instances of golfers hitting wayward shots which injure either other golfers or spectators. Take the example of Brooks Koepka’s mishit shot at the 2018 Ryder Cup, which struck a spectator and blinded her in one eye. Or the example of amateur golfer James Gordon, whose errant drive struck fellow golfer Anthony Phee, causing him to lose an eye and resulting in a £397k court case. These examples confirm how essential Public Liability cover is. Public Liability covers you if you injure somebody or damage third party property and are held responsible. Golf Care offer up to £5million of Public Liability to cover your incurred compensation or legal fees.


As well as others, you need to protect yourself. Whether it’s the ball hitting your teeth resulting in extensive dental treatment, or a fall which results in you being hospitalised, you could easily injure yourself. If you do, you need Personal Accident cover to ensure that you’re compensated. Golf Care offer up to £50,000 of Personal Accident cover to protect you if you’re seriously injured on the course.


As you know, your golf equipment doesn’t come cheap. Imagine, therefore, how frustrating it would be if it were badly damaged? This is a real possibility – in fact, accidental damage is by far the most common claim we receive. Then there’s loss and theft to consider. The value of our theft claims has increased by 144% over the last three years. If your equipment were damaged, lost or stolen, would you be happy paying for repairs or replacements out of your own pocket? We’d guess not. That’s why all golfers need Equipment cover. Golf Care provide £5,000 of Equipment cover to protect your gear against loss, theft and damage.

It’s simply not worth taking to the course without specialist insurance. Protect yourself on the course with Golf Care and you’ll get 12 FREE Srixon balls worth £30, from just £24.49 a year!




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