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Paul Martin explains how his business is perfectly placed to help clubs adapt to the future

What do you make of the current climate in the golf industry?

It’s impossible not to sympathise with golf clubs during the current global pandemic. Even before COVID-19 arrived, lots of clubs were suffering declining membership and struggling to keep themselves afloat. Some have even had to close their doors permanently.

How can your business help clubs out of the current crisis?

It’s good to see a slight boom in the number of people playing golf post lockdown and long may that continue, but it’s important golf clubs come out of this situation willing to be creative and innovative. That’s where I am saying P&D Northern Asset Management can come in and help clubs achieve that. There are a lot of clubs out there who know that their memberships are declining and that they need to do something different but perhaps don’t have the knowledge or skills to go about it. We are offering that expertise on how to generate as much from your club’s assets as possible.

What is it P&D Northern Asset Management do?

P&D Northern Asset Management is primarily focused upon providing complete real estate asset management solutions. I have worked in planning, developing and commercial property for 20 years and I’ve worked on many golf course related schemes. We want to target the clubs who have an appealing club but aren’t making the most of the assets they have available to them. We are flexible in how we work. We can either come in on an advisory basis or as a partner and use our experience to show the club what the best way forward for them is. For example, that could be the selling of a current clubhouse and the building of a modern one, future-proofing the club and its assets. It’s about saying, ‘What have you got, what do you want to do, what is your vision and how do we get there?’ What we want to do is use our expertise in clubs up and down the country to achieve these goals. We want to reach out to all the clubs and say this is what we can do for you and see if there is anyone out there who wants to talk to us about the complete asset management services we can offer. Everything is bespoke and tailored to each club. Every club will have a specific set of needs. What we try to do is get optimal outcomes from all of our clients.

What is the process of getting yourselves on board?

If you want our help, it starts with a consultation to discuss clubs needs and what we can do. That might be the end of it. Our aim is to be a guiding light and provoke some thought from clubs and leave it with them. If they want to come back and have a further conversation as they see the attractiveness of having our expertise on board, then that’s excellent and that’s what we are working towards. We don’t want to be a hard sell or make things worse for clubs. The decision is completely in their hands.

Do you just advise clubs or get involved in the project itself, too?

We can either provide services on an advisory basis or we come on board as partners and provide investment capital to do whatever is needed. This is our complete asset management solution. That’s why everything is specific to the club we are working with. ‘How does it work?’ is a common question and the answer to that is via discussion and it can be flexible. The bottom line is that we are here to mutually explore the restructuring of golf clubs, land and property assets. How that is achieved depends on what the club says its aspirations are.

Final message to clubs?

If you want to start making the most of your golf club and ensure that it’s  future-proofed for years to come but aren’t too sure how to do it, let P&D Northern Asset Management help.

Clubs must adapt and invest to survive

As John Allen Paulos once famoulsy said, “uncertainty is the only certainty there is”, and the pandemic has proven that more than ever. I would argue the complete opposite to the viewpoint that now is not the time to invest in your club and overhaul it because ‘we have too much on our plate’. I would say, what we have been through almost makes it imperative clubs begin to think about their future. Clubs need to start thinking about what they could do to improve to get ahead of the curve. Have you been thinking about updating your clubhouse for a few years? Then now is the time to do it. Clubs are in danger of getting caught in a hopeless cycle of a lack of investment breeding a lack of financial income. To escape that, clubs need to begin making the most of their assests and this is what P&D Northern Asset Management is offering to help with. It was difficult to watch clubs struggle pre-coronavirus and, unfortunately, with the financial difficulty that the country is about to begin to face, more clubs than ever will close if they don’t adapt.




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