HYBRID or UTILITY IRON – Which one should you use?

Hybrid or utility iron? It is a question that many of you will have asked, but what is the correct answer?

Either one of these options would be a great replacement for a more traditional iron at the long end of your set, offering added speed, forgiveness and launch where you need it most.

Well to try and clear things up and answer the question of which one should be going in your bag, David (@D_Cunninghame) and Cameron (@cameronadamgolf) headed to the golf course.

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DC is firmly in the utility iron corner, loving the versatility and sleek looks on offer.

Cammy will be representing the hybrid fans among you, extolling their forgiveness and high launching capabilities.

Watch the video and perhaps you will have a clearer idea of which of these long iron replacements should be going in your golf bag



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